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All businesses, including online, internet, home-based or home businesses are required to register the trade name.  

Thus, if you use a trade name to conduct business, you will need to register the trade name, legally publish it and file a proof of publication and obtain a DBA certificate.  

Note: A Federal Tax Id Number , an LLC , a   Corporation , a Seller's Permit a State Employer Tax ID  (EIN), or a Business License is NOT  a DBA Trade Name Certificate.

A DBA is short for "Doing Business As".  It is also called a fictitious business name, an assumed business name, a trade firm name, or a business certifiate.  Depending on what state your business is located, all of the above are certificate names of the registration of a business trade name.

Businesses using a name other than the owner's suraname or the LLC or corporation name are required to register a DBA / Fictitious Business Name Certificate. Note that you can incorporate or form an LLC instead of filing a DBA.

Thus, if you use a name such as "John Doe" only, you don't need to register a trade name, however, see examples below that even if you use your own name, you still need to register a DBA doing business as.

If you are a partnership, you need to register the partnership name as well regardless of the name.  For example,  the partnership name "Nathan Jones," must be registered even if it is the name of the one of the partners.

Here are examples of sole proprietors that must register  a DBA Doing Business As name:  "John Doe & Associates," (because "Associates" connotes additional owners)  Spick & Span Cleaning Service,"   "Bob's Online Widgets,"   "IBN Enterprises,"etc.

If you are an LLC or Corporation you don't need a DBA, however, if you use a trade name other than the name of the corporation or LLC, you will need to registerat a DBA.

Examples of corporations or LLCs that must register a trade name:  

Example #1

"Microcoft Corporation" conducting business as "Kirgland," must register the name "Kirgland" under Microsoft corporation. 

Example #2

If an LLC called "Jones, LLC" is doing business as  "Los Angeles Painters," it needs to register the "Los Angeles Painters" Doing Business As name.

State law even requires you to operate your business under a filed trade name even if a variation of your Legal business name is used, and even if used for a short time.

Who Needs It

Users of a trade name other than their last name or the corporation's or LLC's legal name.


How Long

DBA Trade NameFictitious Business Name - In most states we send a representative

to your home or office to have it signed and notarized.

Filing takes an average of 3-5 Business Days - could take longer in some states.

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You can order online and obtain any business tax id or permit:

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Tax ID Number Starts @ $29 (Complete: All fees Included)

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State EIN @ $79 (Complete: All fees Included)

Federal EIN @ $29 (Complete: All fees Included)

Business Company Name Search Starts @ $9 (Complete: All fees Included)

Trade Name Certificate Starts @ $119 (Complete: All fees Included)

Incorporation Starts @ $199 (Complete: All fees Included)

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