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All businesses, including online internet home based businesses are required to get a Business License.

Note: A Federal Tax Id Number , an LLC , a   Corporation , Seller's Permit a State Employer Tax ID  (EIN), or a DBA  Trade Name filing is NOT a business license filing.

Obtaining a business license registration is a separate business tax registration  type and most businesses must register and have a business license before starting business.

In most cases, both a DBA Trade Name and a Business License Permit are required and there may be civil liability as well as criminal penalties for not registering a DBA or not getting a business license.

Who Needs It

All Businesses need a Business License and or a Home Occupation Permit:  When you order a business license from us we will obtain a business license, or a home occupation permit OR if you need both, we will obtain both the business license and the home occupation permit for the price of the business license.


How Long

Business License / Tax Registration : Varies but average time is 4-8 business days - could take longer

in some states. In some states, we file on the same day we receive your order; however, note

that it may take a few days for the gov't to mail you the certificate.




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Licenses You May Need
Business License Business License
contacts contacts
DBA Trade Name DBA Trade Name
Federal Number (FEIN) Federal Number (FEIN)
Incorporation Incorporation
Limited Liability Company LLC Limited Liability Company LLC
Order Order
Free Licenses & Tax IDs Wizard Free Licenses & Tax IDs Wizard
Seller's Permit Seller's Permit
Services Services
Fees to Form LLC, Incorporate, Get DBA, Tax Id Number, & or Business License

You can order online and obtain any business tax id or permit:

LLC Starts @ $199 (Complete: All fees Included)

Business License $49

Tax ID Number Starts @ $29 (Complete: All fees Included)

Seller's Permit Starts @ $39 (Complete: All fees Included)

State EIN @ $79 (Complete: All fees Included)

Federal EIN @ $29 (Complete: All fees Included)

Business Company Name Search Starts @ $9 (Complete: All fees Included)

Trade Name Certificate Starts @ $119 (Complete: All fees Included)

Incorporation Starts @ $199 (Complete: All fees Included)

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