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Business License Information


Welcome to Business License Information Service. 


First, Find Out If You need a Business License:


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You may perform a keyword search or choose an industry sector below to learn about the permits and licenses that a United States business may need regardless of the business location.

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Business Registration Service: Apply Online & Obtain a Business License for you state, county or city.  How to obtain or renew a new small business license.  Getting one requires obtaining the requirements, cost, fees, and the application form as well as knowing the type of license for your  business.

Most businesses are required to comply with  business permit regulations. All businesses need some type of federal, state, county, or local business license, permit, and tax registration. Requirements vary by business activity and state, county or city location but even online and home business need a business license.

Here, you will learn about every business license, permit, and tax registration from a California Business License to a Florida Business License as well as all the other states in U.S.


Thinking of starting a business in any State in The U.S?

Whether you want to start a business in an office space or run a business from home, you need to submit the right forms to meet each state's requirements.

rovide information about the kind of business you want to form. You will find out: 1) if you need to apply for a Business License (BL), and 2) what business license forms you need to complete.

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